About us


Marion Ram, Project Supervisor
is a free-lance author and the initiator of the project REMEMBERING. After studying sociology at the Hamburg University for Economics and Political Science, she studied filmmaking at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg under Wim Wenders.

Mail to: marion.ram@abc-huell.de

Jan Oltmanns, Journalist
studied philosophy, political science and history in Hamburg. He then worked as a free-lance journalist for the print media and the Norddeutsche Rundfunk. Since 2001 he has been at ARD-aktuell as news editor for television and internet. There he oversees also cross-media reporting. His specialties include the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the politics of memory.

Adi Halfon, Journalist
studied political science and sociology at the Tel Aviv University. He has worked as a journalist for the Deutsche Welle, Maariv and Yedioth Aharonot. He is currently studying World Heritage Studies at the BTU Cottbus. His master’s thesis is: How Israeli tourists experience Holocaust Memorials in Berlin? Since 2010 he is based in Berlin.

Christian Radler, Journalist
is news editor at ARD-aktuell. He has worked in various media, and was the US correspondent for The Computer Channel. He has taught online journalism since 2005 at the University of Hamburg, and is an alum of the Bertelsmann Foundation’s German Israeli Young Leaders Exchange.

Henning Wötzel-Herber, Youth Education Coordinator, ABC-Hüll
is a social economist and has an MA in Gender and Labor. He has been youth education coordinator since 2008, with a focus on civic youth education using new media. Other focuses are: Conflict and anti-racism, sexism and anti-Semitism, Israel and the Middle East, and Media analysis.

Esther Rachow, Culture and Education Coordinator, Beit Ben Yehuda
is head of the cultural and teaching programs at Beit Ben Yehuda. She develops seminars and teaching material, organizes cultural events and is a spokesperson for BBY. The focus of her work is on Shoa Education, European anti-Semitism, and the political and cultural relationship between Germany and Israel.

Dr. Andreas Strippel, Historian
specializes in National Socialism, post-war German history, and historical racism and anti-Semitism studies. He is also a free-lance author for the current events and political blog Publikativ.org.

Adi Kantor, Historian
is a postgraduate student of cultural studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Her focus is on the Holocaust, the history of National Socialism, the culture of remembrance, politics of memory and post-war trauma. She trained at the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem, where she then worked in the education program. She now works at the Documentation Center at the Topography of Terror museum and at the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

Imke Koseck, Film Editor
is a free-lance film editor. She studied applied cultural sciences with a focus on film and history. For more than 10 years she has primarily edited documentaries and television and film features.

Noam Naumovsky, Filmmaker and Editor
produces viral web videos for the Israeli and international markets. He has also worked as editor for various Israeli web-tv formats and has taught video editing and post-production at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, where he also studied film and communication studies.

Ulrike Schulz, Web Designer
studied geography and is a free-lance media designer for print and digital media with a focus on online operating. She specializes in working with content management systems, presently for the Memorial Book for the victims of the NS in Wuppertal.

Ole Koch, Programmer
teaches physics and biology in Hamburg, with a special focus on media and education. He is a free-lance media designer and web programmer, with an emphasis on homepage design and social media consulting.