The Project

Today, seventy years after the end of World War II, how do we remember the crimes committed by Germans? What role does the Shoah – the extermination of the European Jews – play in the public discourse and political culture of Germany and Israel? What has happened to the idea of responsibility and learning from history? How does the Shoah make itself felt in Israel today?

REMEMBERING is looking for answers to these questions.

@2015 REMEMBERING – Multi-Media-Project

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With special thanks to: Tim Weber, Petra Franke, Anna Wildhack, E. C. Ulrich, Renate Wötzel, Christina Schwalbe, Uwe Wötzel, Hüller Medienwerkstatt, Christoph Knödler, Anne Franke, Astrid Wagner, Rike Woelk, Nina Siessegger, Hannah Dietze, Katja Tölle, Patrick Merz, Susanne Harnisch, Frauke Vogel, Astrid Wagner, Anja Kelber, Dominique Bergemann, Julia Franke, Flora Hirshfeld, DIKA e. V., Britt Ulrich, Secilia Pappert, Jochen Weber